Taking place only once every season, this cruise focuses on all the incredible waterfalls along the Kimberley coast from Broome to Wyndham, including the iconic King George Falls: a true photographer’s delight! Highlights include cruising through the picturesque Buccaneer Archipelago, seeing the spectacular Montgomery Reef and Doubtful Bay, climbing Kings Cascade for a refreshing rock pool swim, mud crabbing on the Mitchell or Hunter River and visiting ancient rock art galleries at Vansitart Bay.

Map - Waterfall Safari

  • Day 1 – Broome

    After boarding your luxury vessel at 5:00pm from the Broome Jetty, your crew will welcome you with drinks and canapés. We’ll then set off for the fabled Kimberley coast with a delicious dinner to be served on the way. Afterwards, you’ll have the rest of the evening to relax, familiarize yourself with the boat and settle into your guest room.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 1 - Broome

  • Day 2 – Bucaneer Archipelago

    We’ll start the day cruising through King Sound and the Buccaneer Archipelago. With luck, we’ll collect some legendary Kimberley oysters for the evening entrée, before passing through the Koolan Island gap down to Dugong Bay. Here you can explore numerous hidden waterfalls, swim in freshwater pools and try your hand at fishing. We’ll then spend the evening cruising over to Raft Point and Doubtful Bay.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 2 - Bucaneer Archipelago

  • Day 3 and 4 – Doubtful Bay & Montgomery Reef

    The next two days will be spent exploring all that Montgomery Reef has to offer. This includes stunning waterfalls and a fantastic Aboriginal art gallery, as well as a variety of fishing spots such as the Sale River, Sapphire Creek, and Three Ways. Montgomery Reef also features an unusual reef structure that creates spectacular cascading waterfalls in the middle of the ocean. We’ll explore these waterways in full, taking care to spot turtles, crocodiles and all manner of fish as we go. We’ll finish off with a visit to Langii and its beautiful wet season waterfall, before spending the night cruising to the Prince Regent River.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 3 - Doubtful Bay & Montgomery Reef

  • Day 5 – Kings Cascade

    Anchoring the boat by Kings Cascade waterfall, we’ll set out on a hike to swim in the multitude of rock pools, all fringed with grass and trees. On the tide we’ll head back down the river to the mouth of Camp Creek, where we can hike up to the next waterfall if time permits.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 5 - Kings Cascade

  • Day 6 – Mitchell River

    Here we’ll find the hunting grounds of the elusive barramundi, providing us with a day of fishing and collecting mud crabs. On the high tide, we’ll head off to Surveyors Creek, where we can walk up to a beautiful swimming pool and a wide variety of cascading falls. In the evening we’ll cruise around to King George Falls.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 6 - Mitchell River

  • Day 7 – King George Falls

    The magnificent King George Falls. These towering twin falls will be in full glory after the wet season and a real sight to behold.  After a leisurely cruise down the river, you can spend the day hiking, exploring and enjoying all the fantastic scenery. We’ll then reconvene on deck for afternoon drink as we head to the Berkeley River.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 7 - King George Falls

  • Day 8 – Berkeley River

    This spectacular river system offers a wide variety of entertainment options. Following a leisurely cruise through the sandstone cliffs, you can head off for a nature walk and then cool off in a beautiful fresh water pool. When the tide is right there’s also the opportunity for a spot of fishing, before enjoying a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we’ll move back down the river and anchor just outside the mouth of the river. This is a chance for a last-minute fish, a sunset wallow in another freshwater lagoon, or to just kick back and relax on the deck. We’ll then depart the Berkeley River for a 7-hour cruise down the Cambridge Gulf to Wyndham port.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 8 - Berkeley River

  • Day 9

    Anchoring at the jetty, we’ll depart the vessel at approximately 8:30am. Air-conditioned transfers to Kununurra are included.

    Kimberley Cruise Waterfall Safari Day 9 - Kununurra

Please note that this is a sample itinerary only. Our schedule may be affected by tides and weather.

Spaces are limited, so check now for availability and enquire today.