Embark on a journey of discovery today.

The Great Escape Charter Company travels further into the Kimberley Coast than any other tour operator, ensuring your next holiday is an unforgettable odyssey of fun and adventure.

Adventure based activities: Prepare to see and do things few on earth even dare to dream of!

The Great Escape Charter Company wilderness adventure cruises give you the option to do as much or as little as you choose. In addition to exploring the iconic Kimberley waterfalls, gorges and stunning waterholes for swimming, activities include bushwalks to lookouts with breathtaking outback horizons, excursions to ancient Aboriginal rock-art galleries, mud crabbing, harvesting oysters, showering under tranquil cascades, swimming at white sandy beaches, croc-spotting, whale-watching, captivating bird life, and endless encounters with Australia’s most intriguing and remarkable landscapes and wildlife.  If you are even a mild fishing enthusiast you will delight in the fishing excursions to our “secret spots” which we have discovered on our many explorations of the coast. You will share this experience with just a handful of other guests.

Sooth the soul  – as you cruise the Kimberley in luxurious style.

Simply choose from one of the Kimberley cruise itineraries below and check availability

Kimberley Cruise Itineraries

  • Kimberley Classic Adventure Itinerary

    13 Night Kimberley Cruise Itinerary

    Cruise highlights
  • Kings of The Kimberley Gorges Itinerary

    6 Night Kimberley Cruise Itinerary

    cruise highlights
  • Southern Kimberley Experience Itinerary

    7 night Kimberley Cruise Itinerary

    Cruise highlights
  • The Waterfall Safari Itinerary

    8 Night Waterfall Safari Itinerary

    Cruise highlights
  • Quintessential Kimberley Coast Escape Itinerary

    4 Night Quintessential Kimberley Coast Escape Itinerary

    Cruise Highlights