What's All The Fuss About?

Why are Kimberley Cruises so “in” right now? Why is it sooo difficult to book an adventure cruise to the Kimberley unless you book far far in advance?

The Kimberley in Western Australia’s remote north west corner is like the last frontier in Australia. It’s rugged and timeless and presents a unique opportunity for guests to experience something extraordinary, where there are not hordes of tourists or facilities. It’s Mother nature at her best, untouched, unspoilt and so very priceless.

The only way to experience the vast Kimberley coast, a coastline that stretches approximately 2000km from Broome to Wyndham is by boat, (well luxury catamaran to be more precise) and onboard helicopter. (The are no roads in this part of the world!)

People are looking for disconnect in this mad, crazy, on the go technical world. They are also seeking authenticity and exclusivity on their holidays. As there is absolutely no infrastructure along the Kimberley coast between Broome and Wyndham, guests truly have the opportunity to take in all that a vast wilderness Kimberley coastal landscape has to offer.

More and more people want to experience something memorable, something that may touch their soul and something that will give them bragging rights! Aboard MV Great Escape guests experience all this and more, they are active participants in their environment. Be it hiking through towering gorges, plunging into hidden swimming holes, showering under tranquil cascading waterfalls or frolicking on white sandy beaches. They are also treated to amazing food and service aboard a luxury 26m catamaran with only 14 guests, 6 crew members and an onboard helicopter that offers incredible scenic flights.

And that folks is what all the fuss is about. J