The Kimberley is Covered in Ancient Indigenous Rock Art

The Kimberley

The Kimberley is covered in rock art, spanning thousands of years and many hundreds of kilometres. They are a record of past Australian's activities in the Kimberley— showing them hunting, dancing, running and showing off their weapons and adornments. The paintings transcend time, as we interpret images made by ancestors who once walked through the same country we walk today, many thousands of years ago. These seven finely drawn figures here belong to the Gwion Gwion period of Kimberley art. Some of them are holding woomeras, the name of the hooked stick tool used to throw a spear with greater velocity and accuracy. One figure has multiple woomeras held in their hair-skin belt around their waist. Another has a draw string bag hanging below their armpit, and tasselled decorations falling from their hips.