Kings of The Kimberley Northern Gorges

Western Australia

People often ask us “When is the best time to cruise the Northern Kimberley Coast”? (Between Mitchell Plateau and Wyndham)  The answer is April / May / June (before the waterfalls dry up). Whist the Kimberley coast changes daily and the entire 1000 nautical miles from Wyndham to Broome has sheer beauty, endless waterfalls, rocky outcrops and incredible flora and fauna, the team at the Great Escape, including skippers Trippy & Jezza all wholeheartedly agree the best time to see the Northern Kimberly at its most spectacular is right after the wet season when the waterfalls are at their thunderous best. We tend to travel the Southern Kimberley after about June as it’s all spring fed so the water lasts alot longer through September and October. Kings of the Kimberley Northern Gorges adventure, 6 or 7 nights cruise/fly or in reverse, between Kununurra and Mitchell Plateau. 

Top 5 Reasons why you should book Kings of the Kimberley Northern Kimberley Gorges Adventure Cruise.
1. The mighty King George Twin Falls is Australia’s highest waterfall at 180 metres high (that’s 591 feet!!); it is purely spectacular after the wet season, hike or chopper to the very top!
2. At the end of the wet season you will see the most incredible storm fronts and lighting shows – it really is Mother Nature at her best and is the best time to capture the beauty of natural landscape through photography.
3. At the start of the cruising season you create your own footprints you don’t follow in others, feel a sense of unique discovery like you are the only one on earth in the remote northern Kimberley.
4. If you have always dreamed of catching fresh saltwater Barramundi, then the warm waters of the Northern Kimberley during April and May will not disappoint.
5. Not being peak tourist season, you will find you have most of these waters and the coast all to yourself. See the “Kings of The Kimberley” onboard MV Great Escape, as a small group and get caught up in “good for your soul” moment