Considering booking a Kimberley cruise?

The Kimberley

Considering booking a Kimberley cruise? 

Want to know the best time to cruise?

Our owners / skippers have been navigating luxury Kimberley cruises for 30+ years; we use their unrivalled knowledge of this rugged and isolated region to carefully plan our Kimberley cruise season and adventure cruise itineraries. Let us help you choose your luxury Kimberley adventure cruise:

  • 8 night Waterfall Safari (once a year in March – returning 2020) – as the last of the wet season rains fall we cruise from Broome to Wyndham focusing on all of the incredible waterfalls along the Kimberley Coast.
  • 6 or 7 night Kings of the Kimberley Northern Gorges (April – June) – cruise the Northern Kimberley coast from Wyndham to the Mitchell Plateau (or in reverse), the waterfalls found amongst the large headlands and gorges are powered by the wet season rain, so we cruise this region whilst they are flowing and the easterly winds are calm.
  • 13 night Kimberley Classic Adventure (May – July) – our blue ribbon cruise covering the entire Kimberley coast between Broome and Wyndham (or in reverse), the waterfalls are flowing and the dry season weather just perfect.
  • 7 night Southern Kimberley Experience (July – September) – cruise the Southern Kimberley coast from Broome to the Mitchell Plateau (or in reverse) the waterfalls are spring water fed and flow all season long, this intricate part of the coastline also offers great protection from any easterly winds.
  • 4 night Kimberley Fishing Extravaganza (October) – this ‘taste of the Kimberley’ has more than just fishing! We fly you via light aircraft and helicopter to meet the vessel and cruise the Doubtful Bay region, this part of the Southern Kimberley coast is still in pristine condition and the waters are warm just the way the barramundi like it!!!

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