A sensational start to the Kimberley Coast cruise season…

The Kimberley

On March 19th the first Kimberley Classic Adventure for the season set off from Broome with 14 friends aboard an exclusive charter, excited to see the waterfalls after one of the biggest wet seasons on record. Captain “Trippy” and the crew, including our two newest recruits, Mitch and Alana, were just as excited. When the Kimberley Coast and The Great Escape is your passion, 3 and a half months away from it during the Wet Season can seem like a very long time, and the crew were super keen to get out adventuring once again.

And they knew they were in for a big surprise when they reached the waterfalls.

Mitchell Falls, usually three levels of falling water, had become almost one white water rapid. King Cascade Falls was too powerful to swim in the top pool, and a mass of white water thundering into the Prince Regent River, while the nearby Amphitheatre was echoing the powerful roar of it’s singular waterfall. Guests were thrilled with the stunning scenery and had a fantastic time over 13 days perfect Kimberley cruising.

In Wyndham, our next Kimberley Classic Adventure departed into a lot of rain, after the tropical low weather system journeying down from Darwin decided to make an unwelcome visit to the region. Over 400 mm fell in just two days, and the King George Falls was bigger than Skipper Jezza says he’d ever seen it. The incredible amount of water crashing down from the peaks of the twin falls was so powerful the ground was shaking! It was far too big for guests and crew to take the usual walk to the top, so they took the very comfortable option of choppering over it instead. A sight, and a booming sound to behold, guests and crew experienced the power and magnificence of nature and the elements in all its glory. What a privilege.

Then just days later and they were fishing the Mitchell River for Barramundi while the sun shone over blue skies and calm waters!

Due to the record rainfall and the late Wet Season, the waterfalls will be impressive well into the Dry Season, making this year one of the best ever to cruise the incredible Kimberley Coast.