Kimberley: A Marine Sanctuary

The Kimberley

Cruising by the Kimberley Coast will make anyone sigh. It’s a sight to behold, a spectacular and pristine stretch of marine wildlife along the north west coast of Australia.

The Great Nine

Going to The Kimberley, you don’t just stop at one place. There are thousands of uninhabited islands that scatter the Kimberley coast.

Along these shores, you will find reefs and coastlines where you and your friends can take out and put those cameras, swimming trunks, and fishing rods to good use.

Most iconic are the Buccaneer Archipelago, King Sound, Camden Sound and Montgomery Reef. Talbot Bay, Oceanic and Collier Reef, and Dampier Peninsula.

Each area has its own cultural treasure to offer. The Oceanic Shoals, for example, have two stunning reefs – the Rowley Shoals and Scott Reef – perfect for those cruising and fishing vacations. In Scott Reef, you can find a distinct variety of green turtles. Rowley Shoals features some of the most pristine beaches and coastlines in Australia, most idyllic for honeymoons and other romantic getaways.

Feels Like Home

Did you know the magnificent waters and sand in Kimberley also serve as home to some threatened and endangered marine species? It’s famous for sheltering one of the rarest varieties of dolphins, the snubfin. It also contains dugongs, sharks, and a unique species of turtles.

Not only that, it also acts as nesting and nursery grounds for one of the largest humpback whale populations in the world. And finally, some of the healthiest coral populations are in Kimberley, making it ideal for diving expeditions.

But if you’re more into terrestrial animals, The Kimberley also offers the most exciting finds: the scaly-tailed possum and the beautiful tree frog. Lately, there has been a sighting of the flambouyant bird called hoopoe, making it the only third sighting of the Eurasian and Northwest African bird.

The Kimberley is indeed a favourite of these evasive creatures, so make sure to bring a camera whenever you feel like dropping by.

In addition to this marine and terrestrial wealth, discoveries still await in other parts of the large area. Who knows what you’ll find when you visit? Cruise away and find out!