11 Rowley Shoals Frequently Asked Questions

Western Australia

1. Where are the Rowley Shoals situated?

300Km west of Broome in Western Australia

2. How long does it take to get there?

An overnight steam of around 10-12 hours

3. When does Great Escape visit the Rowley Shoals?

 November each year

4. Do you have to dive or can you snorkel?

You can do either, you must be PADI certified to dive

5. What marine life will I see?

Reef sharks, colourful reef fish, fusiliers, angel fish, manta rays, turtles, and more

6. Is there any infrastructure there?

No, only moorings MV Great Escape is your liveaboard

7. Will I see whales and sharks?

Seeing whales at this time of year is very rare though has occurred.  You will see reef sharks though.

8. Can you fish at The Rowley Shoals?

Only in dedicated areas outside of the Sanctuary Zones. Great Escape promotes the Rowley Shoals as a diving & snorkelling adventure, not a fishing adventure. 

9. How long are the Rowley Shoals Diving and Snorkeling Trips?

You can choose from 5 or 7-night trips.

10. Will I need a wetsuit?

The water temperature is generally above 27 degrees Celsius so a 3mm wetsuit is usually recommended for diving.

11. Are there any beaches at the Rowley Shoals?

We generally spend a sunset at Bedwell Island, a white sandy island beach at Clerke Reef.  Where gourmet pizza and sunset drinks are served.

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